Just found an old Hilosystems HI-LO ALL-07 - could it be useful?


While making a bit of cleaning at my job,
I just found an old & dusty hilosystems HI-LO ALL-07 UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMER & TESTER.
Could it be used to program the ATMega chip ?


If you had a quick google you’d found this :wink:

hum… i tried to open your link but it opens a 404 error page written in taiwanese language :slight_smile:
is this what I was supposed to found ? :wink:


(if you meant the page about discontinued products, I already know it’s not manufactured and/or supported anymore)

Honestly, this thing is from the last century. so sorry, i dont think it can be any use expect as a door stopper, maybe you can rip some usefull parts from it?

I’m not even sure the AVR line existed at the time this programmer was made.

It has a nice ZeroForce Socket . . . .

Yes, those things are amazing! This is what makes flashing hundreds of chips tolerable…

ok, thanks :slight_smile:
it’s funny…I was desesperatly searching for more place for a new test bench at my work… and one day someone said “ho but you can use this old room in the basement that nodoby never use…” and the place was still full of equipment and components (like this programmer for example)… I’ll try to get the scope :wink: