Just finished this masterpiece of DIY

Happy Halloween!

Very nice - especially since you don’t see the candle(s)!

Which knobs are you going to use?

Oh we’re posting pumpkins? For a moment, I considered carving the lovely Mutable logo lady, but here’s what I was forced by my wife and kids to do (instead of spend that precious time in my studio actually making music…):

SHRIMPS! My band’s logo (designed by @KeFF)!

Edit: I also considered a 5-pin DIN :smiley:

man the first mutable lady pumpkin should win some kind of prize

He he, my attempt looks pretty pathetic next to your awesome 'Shrimp’s logo bleo. Mine was rather crudely made using the locally sourced lowly turnip, which is more traditional for this part of the world. I dunno about the ghostly smell of decay but leave a candle in a turnip for half an hour…
:slight_smile: piscione, those new transparent red Waldorf knobs would have looked good in the eyes, can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

@fcd72 I’d like to see a photo of a laser-cut Halloween pumpkin…


Yay for a laser-cut pumpkin showing the Mutabe Indian lady goddess Saraswati (I assume it is)! Go go go. 50 power-up mushrooms to anyone who makes it with a laser or a water-jet cutter.