Just Bought My First Euro Module

I’ve been watching I Dream Of Wires, and I’m afraid it’s pushed me over the edge into Eurocrack lust.

I’ve bought myself a x0x Heart board and panel and control PCB from Grayscale. Probably not the best first purchase, given I’ve got nothing to plug/screw it into, but it was cheap, and I convinced myself I could get myself one without having to sell anything first.

Sooo… I’m wondering if anyone knows of a sequencer module that would work with the x0x Heart, and allow full use of the module, including rests, accents and slides. I’m thinking maybe the MFB SEQ-02 might do the job. Anyone any thoughts on this one?

I’m also thinking of purchasing Silent Way, to use with one of my MOTU 828 Mk.3s, so maybe I don’t need a Eurorack sequencer module at all.


You are doomed…… how about a CVpal? :wink:

You need a CV sequencer! It’s fun! … If you want real 303 stuff you should maybe look at the acid lab euro stuff.
I hAve a mfb urzwerg pro wich can do pretty much what you want…

fcd72 I thought I'd jump straight to a Yarnsshiftr I’ve been thinking about the (virtual) modules I’ve enjoyed using in my Nord G1, and it’s the pattern-generator ones I’ve used more than the straight sequencers.

I think I need something that will generate patterns of triggers and CVs for parameter as well as note control and maybe some form of scale quantizer for notes. I also need several oscillators with FM inputs. The things I had most fun with on the G2 for noisy FM modulation pattern-generating things, and I’d love to be able to do the same with Euro modules.


Haha - Toneburst, we’re heading down the same path! I started with Frank’s busboards, then a PSU, then I built a case (still WIP), then I saw the x0x heart, after that was CV Pal. I just need to pick up the pacemaker and panel from grayscale, and we’ll be making acid basslines!

Anyway, one thought would be the Arturia beatstep. It can sequence over MIDI, USB and CV/Gate. All for $100, so it keeps grabbing my attention. Or, for Euro format (& DIY), what about the turing machine?

I have a beatstep on preorder, but there are already complaints about the cv range…hopefully it can be updated.

@cold_fashioned I’m treading a dangerous path here- I’ve just had a baby, and my partner is still on maternity leave (so reduced pay), so I can’t really justify spending any money on Euro gear at the moment. Also, she’s previously said she draws the line at modular gear, so I sense arguments afoot. Having said that, she watched part of I Dream of Wires with me, and failed to say “If you buy any of that sh*t, I’m leaving you!”, so maybe I’ll be OK. I’m definitely going to have to sell some more stuff before I get properly started on the Euro stuff, though.

Re. Beatstep- I’d been thinking of that, too. It does look good. The fact it can’t itself be racked puts me off a bit though. I already have lots of USB controller things gathering dust, and severely limited desk space to put them on. I could get rid of my old M-Audio Trigger Finger, I suppose. I’ve been hanging on to it for sentimental reasons, but it’s been in a box for a couple of years now, unused.


I’m also unsure if I need to but the x0x Heart Pacemaker, if I already have the panel and PCB from Grayscale.


Oops, the PCB from Grayscale IS the x0x Heart Pacemaker. Silly me…


Tell me about it! I’m about to get married, and now all of a sudden buying a house could be entering the picture. If that happens, I’ll be too broke to afford any synth stuff, so I guess I’ll have more time to play with the stuff I have? I’m hoping to stockpile enough gear before the baby talk happens, haha. Congrats, and good luck.

Did you do the mini-run on the pcb and panel, or did you pre-order through grayscale?

Once you get a house you then have to alternate between spending on synth stuff and repairs/improvements. It can be worth getting a property that doesn’t need a lot of modernisation :slight_smile:

Got the house a few years ago. The thing with houses, I’ve found, is their potential as money-sinks is practically endless. There’s always something that needs to be done! And redone.


^^always It never ends.

Just received my x0x Heart PCB from Open Music Labs. Very exciting.
Completely useless without Euro rack, x0x Pacemaker, panel and MIDI>CV interface, of course, but hey-ho, I can gaze at it in wonder as it sits there, doing nothing…


Enjoy this moment of pure luxury - having a piece of gear you can do nothing at all with - thats GerPornZen™ at the highest level.

Then, as you come across some cash you progress into that dangerous state of GearBanzai™ where this one, totally radical purchase will enable you to do whatever the hell you want and quenches your gear lust, until the next must have pops up…

Oh, to be young and insane again! These days I’m just young, or something…

It just you already piled up an insane amount of gear, johan……

Ha @toneburst - I’m doing the same thing with my x0x heart. It looks so cool. I keep imagining all the killer sounds that will come out of it. Soon, soon…

Not that I want to derail or anything but is it time for an “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” thread? Every other forum seems to have one.

@fcd72: Haha, true. These days I’m happy just to pick up some Euro module or solder something together. Gearocalypse has transcended to Gearovana! Plus, getting jiggy with weird stuff is good for the soul.

Well, maybe I should get a Technics WSA, or a SY-99 or some Nord or Moog? All in good time…

@piscione: My synths are camera-shy! But yeah, they probably have some scary stuff to tell.