Jupiter III, Branches, and possibly Kinks Question

Greetings everyone… (Hope I selected the right forum…)

I have a Jupiter III (JDX3 version) from Chamber of Sounds. It’s a really cool wacky percussive synth. It works off a button or an audio trigger (using a contact mike, though Jamie, the creator shows it off using a metronome and a drum machine output). I have the little box that connects to it which contains a contact mike and you beat on that little box to trigger it, but have been thinking of how to make this triggering occur a bit more programmatically. I have confirmed with Jamie that 10ma to 100ma is the expected trigger signal.

My current thought is because I wouldn’t want to fire it too often is to put it on a low probability through Branches. So first question, if I had say a bass drum audio signal coming from a drum machine, could that go directly into Branches as an audio signal and probabilistically go to the audio trigger?

Suspecting that Branches won’t work for audio signals (it wasn’t the intent), if I ran a gate or clock into branches and then the low probability output into the Trigger of Kinks and then took the Noise output would that give me an appropriate signal? (I don’t yet have Kinks, so this might accelerate me purchasing it…)

Thanks in advance for any info/advice!


  • I’m not sure Branches is the solution to your problem. Sure, you want the drum synth to trigger “less often”, but do you want this to become random, to the point that sometimes it fires twice, sometimes once, and sometimes never in response to a signal from the drum machine?
  • Branches processes each cycle (zero-crossing) of an audio signal as its own trigger, so sending an audio signal to its input will result in a glitched audio signal on its output. This is not what you want here.
  • Kinks’ noise output is a constant noise output, just that. Its amplitude is not modulated by the trigger signal sent to the S&H trigger input. A sample and hold is not a VCA!

I’m not familiar with the Jupiter III, but frankly, you seem to be overthinking it: why don’t you get a trigger or click directly from your drum machine (if your drum machine doesn’t have a trigger output, try using the shortest possible sound sample) into the Jupiter 3 trigger input?

Thanks for the quick reply!

I actually did want it in beat, but random, which is why I was thinking of Branches as a solution. That said, I def don’t think audio going into to Branches is what I want based on what you described.

I also see what you mean by the Noise output not working from Kinks (I was thinking it got triggered… I haven’t yet read up enough on Kinks it seems.

The reason I didn’t want to go with the drum machine’s click directly is then it would be triggered every pulse as opposed to occasionally. Sort if thinking I want about 1 out of every 16 pulses as the randomness, but on the beat.

I’m a bit new to the modular side of things having been working with semi-modular stuff for about a year. I can see I still fall back to thinking more of the normalized paths fairly often… Anyway, this was quite helpful.

Ah I understand better what you need. So yes, you need Branches for that, and you need a way of getting a clean trigger signal into it. Does your drum machine has a trigger output? If not can it play samples? – because in that case getting it to play a sample of a 10ms pulse would work!

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Hmmm… it doesn’t, but you have made me think of another way to approach this problem.

I can trigger a very short enveloped sound from my Ants! as the input into the Jupiter III. That sound can be triggered from Branches so that it probabilistically low amount triggers the gate on Ants! to then trigger the Jupiter III. I rarely ever use all 4 Ants! oscillators anyway…