Jumpy pot after short

While first testing after assembly, I noticed that the second pot didn’t update the parameter value at all when turned. Turned out there was a short between its middle and left pin. After fixing the short, the pot now does update the parameter value, but is “jumpy”; the parameter value keeps updating even when the pot is not turned.

What did I likely break? :slight_smile:

I think you burned it by shorting. You have to replace the pot. See this thread about similar issue

Not sure how this would be possible, but another option for this symptom would be the ADC pin of the MCU. Try with another MCU if you have one at hand!

@shiftr That could be it. The pot also sounds “squeaky” when you apply a little pressure while turning compared to the other ones.

@pichenettes I’ll try that first.

Swapped out the MCU with my other Midnight Edition. No difference.

@pichenettes Can you tell me the part number and the vendor of the pots in the Midnight Edition kit? I’d like to order the same part as a replacement so that all pots retain the same feel.

Send me a private message and we’ll see how you can arrange a transaction, because I’m afraid you’ll have to buy 5000 of them if you want to buy exactly the same part.

Replaced the pot and happy to report that it works perfectly fine now.

Indeed looks like you can burn these pots by shorting the pins.