JP6 on SMR-4 mk1?

Anyone know what the jumper labeled JP6 is for on the SMR-4 mk1 board? there are two sets of pins there, both labeled “F>”.

There are 8 more pads in two groups of 4. Can anyone explain in simple terms what they’re for?


Same as on the mkII, check the last section of the documentation.

@pichenettes - Are you able to provide clear instructions for enabling the band pass filter modes on the SRM-4 mk1 version of the board?

I’m guessing that JP6 corresponds to the FM input pads on the mk2 model? If that’s true, the other sets of 4 pads must be to implement the band pass or perhaps something else?

JP6 corresponds to the FM input yes.

I won’t provide instructions for the SMR4 mk I, not easy to describe. Compare the schematics of both versions to find out the patch points.

@titus raindrops

did you make the BP mods for the MK1 ?