Jomox Xbase09 schematics

Hello all,
i know this might not be the right place to ask this question, but i already ripped my butt off searching them in the web. Is there a chance that anybody here knows where to get the schematics of the Jomox Xbas09 ?
Mine went off with a bang a few days ago with a blown elko, but some MIDI cc showed a strange behavior before. So as i will solder the new Elkos (i am going to replace them all, just to be sure) i would like to do a full maintenance to my baby, as i have it now for 17 years. Yes, i love this baby (one of those with hand-written serial numbers) and don’t want to lose it.
I know a few years ago the founder gave out the schematics without any trouble, but as Jomox know has an external maintenance contract with xtend for repairs, things have changed. Thx for any answer or hint in advance !