Jomox 888/999 V2.0?

I had this crazy idea, in the spirit of DIY, and knowing that some of us up here have programming skills, wouldn’t it be cool to create the fully functional and bug-free final OS for the Jomox 888/999? The bugs still seem to frustrate a lot of people, I guess the song mode still does not really work. I’m interested in buying one for the sound, but I would like the sequencing aspects of it to work better, if not work perfectly. I wouldn’t be looking to change the functionality, just kind of take what’s been laid out in the manual (the manual probably should get a rewrite as well), get the all the bugs out (even if this means restructuring the code), fill in missing gaps (I can’t see a way to add or delete steps in song mode, that’s just weird). This would be an unpaid volunteer effort, all new code owned 100% by Jomox. Now we just have to get access to the code, that’s the tricky part. And hope that it’s not in Assembly, I don’t think I’d have the patience to deal with that. I suppose this would never happen, the best we could do is figure out the hardware and write a new OS from scratch, perhaps with an updated more robust processor. Just dreaming I guess…

Have you ever asked Michael from Jomox if he would allow this ? As this code is closed source, you should better ask for permission - just to avoid legal hassle in advance !

I haven’t asked, just thought I’d see if there would be some interest, maybe someone else who would like to ask, who has more influence, more programming experience.

I really like the sound of my 888. I daydream a lot about an update or rewriting the OS, but I got a C in assembly so I don’t think I could do it.

I would be willing to pay him a little bit to finish it up or release the source code to somebody who would. I mean, I think it works ok, but it would be nice to not have to worry about pressing the wrong button in the wrong mode and the LCD displays a bunch of garbage.

I am interested, dreaming of a better firmware as well.
Would also be willing to programm on it.
If i would have the code right here i would have already spend dozens of hours on it.

I dont get why he does not release the source code,
he does not sell these machines anymore anyway and it does not seem like he will be rewriting it on its own, since he is working on new products.

In my opinion it should be in his interest if ppl remove the bugs from those machines, since many many people are super frustrated with all those bugs, this probably took a lot of popularity form that brand.

I already thought about open dat damn thing up and check out the components and try to recreate the routings, so i could try from scratch.

Just my thoughts,
anway, would be amazing if there would be a way, getting the code.

I think you would be easier off getting an Jomox Airbase (it’s basically a rack 999) and built a midi controller + sequencer for it. Or just use a pre-existing good working sequencer like Machinedrum or Beatstep Pro.


Re Airbase + Beatstep Pro: I was going to suggest exactly that!

If you really really want to invest time into writing alternate firmware for drum machines, maybe your time would be better spent with an elicktronic Nava or Yocto. Those machines sound great but could use a rethinking of their user interaction … plus being DIY, you could drop in anytime and change hardware aspects as well. Just a thought …

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