Jogging House - New Album Out Now!

Hey guys,

I edited this thread because my new album ‘Into’ is now officially released via Noorden. As some of you liked the single ‘I’m a Walk’, I really hope you enjoy the whole longplayer, share it with your friends and maybe even buy it. A lot of heart went into this project. It’s the first one I had professionally mixed and mastered. Also, it is the first release I’m selling instead of a pay-what-you-want option.

“Into” is now available at iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp

The tape version is now ready for pre-order from Noorden’s Bandcamp page
Shipping will start around April 1st.

Thanks for your support!

Anybody know how I can post the soundcloud widget on here?

Like this: "":

Get rid of the @ signs. :slight_smile:


Thanks. But it doesn’t seem to work. Hmm…

Well, that is odd.

This worked. "": Apparently you needed the https.

I can’t get it to work. But thanks for posting it the right way.

No idea why, but I had some issues with it too…
That was a cool track though.

Thanks for listening, guys. Very glad you like it.

Looking forward to the album, happy recent owner of the ‘Longings’ K7 :slight_smile:

Nice! Hope you will enjoy the new stuff as well :slight_smile:

yeah, this is great! I’m a total sucker for reverb and mallet instruments/samples

Thank you. The album definitely won’t be low on reverb :slight_smile:

cool! will the new one be available via bandcamp too?

Yes, the download will be available via itunes, bandcamp and amazon. But the tape will be only on bandcamp.

great sound and excellent production! Lot’s of little details here!

Thanks, mate! There are lots of slight modulations going on to make it as interesting while keeping it kinda hypnotic/repetitive at the same time. At least that’s what I was going for :slight_smile:

Re. Soundcloud embeds, I’ve discovered that the URLs for Soundcloud tracks you get on mobile devices are different to those on desktop computers. The mobile URLs don’t embed, which is why I’ve never managed to embed a Soundcloud track when posting from my iPad/iPhone. Took me a a while to work out the reason.

Hope this helps someone.


Thanks for the help. I posted it from the computer. Don’t have a clue why it isn’t working. Strange…

@boboter hmm… dunno, then. Very nice track, though! ‘Soaring’ I think would be a good description. Nice one.