Jamuary with MI turned into FM

I’ve used Elements turned on “omnious voice” and Rings with FM alternate mode. Plaits on FM mode.
I’d like to use the polyphonie in my Hermod, but instead use polyphony to play several voices at same time, I’ve used to get a randomness effect to play different notes with differents modules each time. So, the lead melody is played by elements (behind the spaguetti), rings and plaits in random turns. I’ve notice you get a cool pseudo random modulation in melody with it. At the same time, I’ve used Ochd to get slightly modulation on each module… so it’s pretty always changing and evolving :slight_smile: .
Plonk is sequenced by Hermod, you could get smart drum programming with this two modules, they are an awesome combo.

FX on lead melody thanks to Polymoon and Avalanche Run.