Jamming with my Ambika

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a little video I’ve made using my Ambika.
This thing just looks and sounds amazing! Having a real good time with it.

YouTube: Ambika and TRON - Derezzed Cover

Does anyone have some videos like this to share? I miss having more things about this incredible instrument over the web…


That is great. Nice job!

I’ve upload a decent amount of videos enjoying various mutable gear. My sound cloud and youtube channel are linked in this one. Most were not recorded properly, but hey, I was jamming and figured something should get documented Mutable Me

Thank you sparky

weNiverse, I wasn’t able to watch your videos… I’m using an iPad and the SoundCloud plugin in this forum crashes Safari on iOS. Can you share the YouTube and SoundCloud link here?


Sure! Here ya go! Soundcloud and my youtube Enjoy! The youtube playlist is in chronological order of my synth journey

“Here”:http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/5686/quick-track-korg-ms2000-moog-lp-ambika#Item_1 is a video by me featuring the ambika

weNiverse, there are some nice videos showing MI’s synths in a musical way on your YT channel. I just don’t understand what’s the need to make random noises and not music when people use their modular. I’d love to see something musical, but your SoundCloud is populated with long evolving noises… although they show some possibilities, they’re not musical at all. The video quality is nice!

Nice video neoplasma. Sound quality isn’t at its best, but there’s musicality in it. I would love to hear more like that. I’m planning to do some musical stuff with the Ambika. I just need to recover from an abdominal surgery I was submitted.


All the best songs never get recorded, as for a while I had acquired too many instruments and not enough cables to run into the audio interface. I see the interest in random noises similar to sitting somewhere and watching nature move; the point isn’t something going somewhere, it’s just to watch reality move and evolve how it wants. I’ve been spending A LOT more time recording actual songs though, as I’m feelingore comfortable doing an all hardware performance at the local electronic music get togethers. I will say the newest song on soundcloud that’s a 20 minute noise fuck is from my girlfriend (who actually likes synthesizing exploring octatrack on a good amount of acid. So that’s expected to be rather wonky. I have more videos to continue uploading to that playlist. I don’t think I’ve gotten the newest ones up yet. Thanks for the feedback and happy knobbing)