I've released some solo music

… and it’s loaded with some shruthi / mutable instrument action.

Well, this is not even electronic music but folk/indie/experimental/dream pop stuff. Somewhat related to what I’ve produced for last year’s christmas song contest
Some (actually, the majority i guess) tracks don’t even feature MI gear and this is mostly accoustic instruments oriented, and french-accent singing… but I thought that i’d share it anyway. At least that’s the reason why I’ve been very inactive here for a few months, and even why i’ve been declining a few trusted builder’s requests…


regarding synths, I used the ms20-mini (mostly drones), a good old jen sx-2000 (mostly round bass sounds), and some shruthi or anushri for various purposes : melody, noise, drones, bass, ambiances… I only wanted the electronic instruments to enhance my rather standard folk guitar/singing configuration, and MI gear proved damn great for that purpose. Shruthi action can be heard mostly and more distinctively during the second half of “monsters”, but there is some in many tracks (man of snow’s middle, the whitest place, bonds chorus, some noisy transition, the end of farsight, some tracks on good-bye, and so on…).



Listening to it now and I quite enjoy it, despite this type of sound not being my first choice normally.

I like it… it somehow reminds me of Bon Iver

This is very nice, really. These are some pretty damn good songs and the electronica really complements your singing and acoustic guitar playing.

Very accomplished work MicMicMan! I’m impressed - a full album! Well done

Many thanks guys! Glad that you like it!
(Maybe a full album is not a good choice when releasing music for the first time as an unknown artist, but since I had the material…)

This was quite listenable, thank you!