It's really working! I don't believe it!

I’m an electronics novice, having only previously put together a few simple project kits and some minor electronic repair. So when I ordered a Shruthi XT, I was worried I was in over my head.

The soldering process was smooth except for a couple mishaps–namely putting the control board header on the wrong side. Oops.

Anyway, I just finished the kit to the point of testing… and I was completely shocked that everything seems to be working! I still have yet to solder the LEDs, but the display, sound, and controls are all working perfectly so far. This has given me a big shot of confidence, and I’m very tempted to get some more kits :smiley: And a big thank you to Olivier for designing such an elegant kit. It was fun to put together and I’m sure will be a lot more fun to jam with!

(Note: The display looks partly dark in the photo, but that’s a consequence of the camera flash. In person, it’s fully lit and bright green.)

Hooray! Good to hear a story like that! :slight_smile:

Excellent! Glad your first SynthDIY experience was a positive one.