Its born, and lo!

after the christmas and new year festivities have finally finished, and i have no money to do anything but build, I finally put my ambika together.

I have only 2 voice cards installed (I have the full 6 SMR4 to build, but sadly I just discovered I ordered SMD format TL072s, if anyone wants 25 of them, let me know)
anyway, at this point I am scared to put the other 4 cards together, because 2 cards on different midi channels do make such a glorious sound. 6 monosynths in one box! arrggghhh!

anyhow thanks to Oliver for a really top design, amazing, amazing stuff.

and now in its case…waiting for more 072s.
as I intend to use it mainly as 6 monosynths (or maybe 3 2xunisons) I think I need to get a variety of voice cards. 2 of each? hmmmm

and i figured out why every 3rd note didn’t sound :wink:

not sure about the knob colour scheme yet either…