It's all about music isn't it?

well… i’ve searched the forum if there is a thread about the music fellow shruthizens listen to and surprisingly there isn’t (or i may be blind). so i thought it would be nice to see what weird music taste you guys have or what you moves at this very moment…
i for one listen quite often to the new nine inch nails album “hesitation marks” at the moment. though i’m not the typical nin listener i found the latest works (since “year zero”) of trent reznor quite interesting and inspiring.

“Delta machine”, Tortoise & Trans Am discographies during Zombie Work™, The John Foxx + Belbury Poly + The advisory circle LP (more please!), Van Dyke Parks’ latest album. Most played album of 2013: the Fez soundtrack, just like in 2012 :slight_smile: Followed closely by “Tomorrow’s harvest” and the first half of Austra’s “Olympia”.

Synth-free guilty pleasures (I don’t mention 80s synthpop since it’s the norm here): Malicorne, 60s hindi film songs, Wes Anderson’s movie soundtracks, Inara George and everything by the High Llamas.

Yeah i really like The Fez Soundtrack, the game really good, too bad looks like there’s no FEZ 2.
For 2013 , because i like more Electro House and stuff, i like the Devil May Cry OST , “Damage Control” by Mat Zo, “Song Across Wire” By BT, “Random Access Memories” By Daft Punk

Big men Cry by Banco de gaia , Rubycon by Tangerine Dream, Blade runner SDTRK by Vangelis

Severe TangerinDreamitis here atm…. most played album according to iTunes Propaganda: A Secret Wish (currently playing 749th time)

II from Moderat, really love that album. Also “Pull My Hair Back” the debut by Jessy Lanza (produced with Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan) good surprise, great tunes…

My Leonard Cohen mix of older works is always at hand and otherwise I listen to Hotline Miami’s soundtrack, Deadmau5’s 4x4=12, Depeche Mode, Glitch’s “Inertia”, DI FM’s techno and hard dance stations. I like bebop quite a bit. I’ll never tire of Skream either. Any 80s synthpop is going make me happy.

I think I’m going to date myself really badly but I’m a child of the 70s and it shows. Yes, Pink Floyd, The Doobie Bros, Steely Dan, Weather Report, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Loggins and Messina, Marshall Tucker, The Allman Bros, Level 42 and that sort of thing. I’m a bit partial to people who have playing chops I think. I like to play jazz but don’t listen to alot of traditional jazz (Bill Evans, Charlie Parker, etc.), at least not so much anymore. It is great practice, nothing like warming up with “Perdido”, “Scrapple From the Apple” or “Yardbird Suite” to get the chops going.

Lots of stuff. A recent favorite is Erika’s Hexagon Cloud which is all analog synths and drum machines driven by a hardware sequencer. There’s also a rather lovely video.

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Absolute favorites are 60s and 70s rock, but also just about anything else that’s not comercialism incarnate. Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Stones, CCR, Santana, but also INXS, The Shirts, The Police, and today for example Stromae or Black Box Revelation.

my favorite records of this year so far (not really sorted) :
james holden - the inheritors (the guy must be a modular synth lover… this record is outstanding) ; boards of canada - tomorrow’s harvest ; my bloody valentine - m b v ; orval carlos sibelius - superforma ; atoms for peace - amok ; james blake - overgrown ; these new puritans - field of reeds ; suuns - images du futur ; this town needs guns - ; blackthread - separating day and night ; arcade fire - reflektor
i’m mostly a listener of math/indie/post/noise/whatever-rock. Labels like dischord, africantape, or anything related to steve albini are my standard breakfast. I’m maybe one of the only persons here who’s not able to bear 80s synth-pop more than 2 minutes…
i’m otherwise a huge fan of sonic youth, sufjan stevens, battles, minimalist composers, etc.

Atoms for Peace - Amok
Radiohead - King of Limbs
All Wes Anderson soundtracks, especially Darjeeling and Aquatic including Seu Jorge solo Bowie covers
M83 - Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
Octopus Project - Fever Forms (“Whitby,” esp.)
Animal Collective - everything, esp. Merriweather Post Pavilion
Dan Deacon - America
Vampire Weekend - Contra
Grizzly Bear - Shields
No Paws - Healthy Men

And tied for most listened this year:
Beach House - Bloom
Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob :slight_smile:

I almost never buy albums any more and listen mostly blogs and pages wich stream new albums… Like pitchfork advance. And in the Netherlands 3voor12.
I listen anything which is not to poppy. From folk to experimental electronics and modern classical.
Most recent album I Love is Treillis from Ricardo Tobar. Also love the James Holden album from this year. Valgeirs siggurson is great.
One of my all time heroes is Fourtet.

my 2013 list:

H-Burns - Off The Map (fifth album of my best friend, we started music together)
65Daysofstatic - Wild Light
Queens Of The Stone Age - …Like Clockwork
Deerhunter - Monomania
Depeche Mode - Delta Machine
Alessandro Cortini - Forse 1
Alessandro Cortini - Forse 2
Surachai - Embrace
How to destroy angels_ - Welcome Oblivion_
Palms - Palms
Anthrax - Anthems
Carcass - Surgical Steel
Ghost - infestissuman
Ghost - If you have EP
Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks
Gary Numan - Spilnter (Songs from a broken Mind)
Drumcell - Sleep Complex
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
Big Black Delta - Big Black Delta
Atticus Ross - Broken City OST

Oh and i forgot to mention the best radiostation in the universe …(used to be Cybernetic Broadcasting System). but i must admit that i haven’t listened to much recently…

Weird, was building a new PC/mining rig (litecoin mining w/ R290x, 32GB RAM) for a friend today and Intergalactic FM was on all the time. How odd!

M83, BoC, Daft Punk, üNN, Tycho, Terry Lee Brown jr, The Timewriter, Zed Bias, Alva Noto, Ken Ishii and of course some local heroes like Slagsmålsklubben, Andreas Tilliander, Todd Terje (no), Unai etc. 2013 has been a smörgåsbord with a little of everything.

ok - do love all sorts -

but in electronic terms & for the sake of a theme rather than splurging everything I like…

here’s a selection of my favourite “grey music” - music which ebbs and swells without breaking out into any sort of a tune - but the sort which my mind craves after too much pop on the radio…

Vladislav Delay
specially love “entain” and “multila”. glitch bliss to me at least.

Also realised when listening why Deepchord and Rhythm and Sound (the originators of that sort of dub techno?), get so much love. Rhythm and sound’s eponymous album e.g. this track is really relaxing e.g. , & nothing really beats deepchord’s vantage isle sessions or Intrusion - reflection II (Unreleased extended mix) [accept no imitations - this one’s not on youtube] for me. very 4:4 I know :slight_smile:

I am from birmingham and have worked at Sandwell General Hospital - so was surprised to find that one of my favourite techno artists Function (along with female/peter sutton, regis, surgeon etc etc), despite his recording name of Sandwell District - unlike those others - had nothing to do with Brum or the black country (surrounding area) but in fact is from NY/Berlin! In any case Function (e.g. this) and Sandwell District (e.g. Falling the same way are some of my other favourite grey music…

in other news (as in special needs rather than best ever…) has anyone found anyone to match eno for pure ambient? My top picks would be M83 digital shades, very different to his other stuff, and shuttle358 optimal.lp starting from about here … but there must be some more worthy contenders. lots of tries but very few real equals I have found, do share if you know any ambient as low-key and relaxing

that’s enough from me

thanks for all the tips - i have spotify and youtube fodder for days now…

  • 1 to sufjan stevens and my bloody valentine too espec. loveless…

I used to write about music and see 10-12 shows a month when I lived in a real city (NY) and not here in LA where it’s dead on a Saturday night at 12.

Since I came out here I’ve drifted to the other end of music obsession (if you all haven’t noticed) that I’ve found it hard to get all that excited about the next pitch-corrected falsetto beardo or the latest Entroduing fan to buy an MPC from eBay or the 4th Weeknd imitation I’ve heard in the past year.

I have found a few gems, but they’re mostly just single songs. The only album I’ve really enjoyed this year so far is one I don’t tend to recommend to people. After 20 years of getting people really excited to hear obscure or uncool music and always being disappointed when no one else is capable of getting excited as I do, I’ve learned to pick my battles (and also to stop trying to convince people BoC’d mid-2000s descent into MIS (methampetamir

Ah hem-

Methamphetamine induced sampling!) is actually brilliant.

But listen to “Performance” by the UK’s Outfit for an example of what happens when a couple of guys take the whole “nostalgia for when the same kind of music sounded better” and, against all odds, make it unique. Brian Eno was mentioned above- if he’s your guy you’ll be spinning this for months. There’s also a stretch on the middle of the album when you can play the “name that synth” game!

Start with “I Want What’s Best”- infectious sub-modern pop music