It's a GIRL!


nice music, keeps me from going outside again atm
is it one of your projects?

@rosch nope, just stumbled across her and liked it… thought others might too.

I thought this was about being a new father! lol

"Patchy" derives from patch cables - she posts pictures of herself with her boyfriend’s modular.
A Lady Wiggler!


Yup, nice music. Unfortunately the color of the voice does not match the music. It is much too dominant in the foreground and sounds way too sterile. I suppose this voice recording has been done by somebody more familiar with R&B stuff and this sounds through in room simulation and intonation. Really a pity, as the voice of her sounds really good. IMHO Electropop needs a corresponding voice !

I concur. The music is interesting enough. She says she had a production team and it looks like they come from an electronic background. But the voice has not been made to fit.

The music is absolutely good, but there is this receptionable stylistic gap. And you can clearly hear that the recording was done by Pro’s, the mics, eq-ing and the redording distance fit.