It was all Yellow.... Magic

I completed the Shruthi-1 Yellow Magic build today, case and all. :slight_smile: It helps that I already had a yellow case that I brought from Frank a few months ago to put it in. It sounds great. I have included a Soundcloud clip that I made that demonstrates the delay feature. The link is below along with pictures:

Congrats! What is your PT2399 serial number and where did you get the chip? Have you observed micmicman’s (delay doesn’t work once in a while)? Does it make the startrek sound when it boots?

code on mine is 1sf18z purchased from small bear

I bought the PT2399 from Small Bear Electronics. The delay always works after doing lengthy tests. It does not make the startrek sound when it boots. I have attached a closeup photo of the PT2399. You should be able to read the serial number from it. :slight_smile: Thanks for making these awesome products. This has been the quickest Shruthi build I have ever done. I completed the whole thing in about 5-6 hours.

same as mine…

@altitude Finished my Wasp XT last night around midnight. Comparing the XT to the Ambika, the XT build was more challenging. Don’t get me wrong, the Ambika took a very long time to build, many hours of soldering, but the XT Wasp took quite a bit of thought and care. I have attached a pic of it, looks alot like DMMs, but doesn’t have the OLED faceplate.


Nice build! Is it just me or is the delayed signal distorted in the whole clip?

Yes, it sounded oddly distorted to me too, but maybe it’s because you’re hitting the longer delay times?

it sounds pretty distorted to me as well. The delay is quite hissy, with some digital glitchy noise when using longer delay times, but it’s quite “hifi” when the delay is short, and xtrmnt’s delay seems to be also hissy when set to shorter delay times.

I’ve tried the delay with a guitar signal and it sounded as good as a rebote delay. Even better actually, thanks to the tone setting in the feedback section.

@pichenettes What parameters should I dial in? I can retest and record when I get home from work today. I did have the feedback cranked up a bit that I’m sure caused a lot of the distortion and hiss.

Record a soft sound (start from init, set mix to 0, set cutoff to 50 or 60) ; no feedback, FX level to the max, and record a short note and its echo with a delay of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120…

@pichenettes Now that you mention it, I do hear a startrek type sound on bootup. I’m not sure why I didn’t hear this before. I set the parameters as you has stated. Something is definitely not right. Below is a link to the second test. Let me know if I need to change out any components to correct the issue.

Wow, that’s weird, your maximum delay time seems very long. When I set mine to 127, I get the sound in the middle of your series, and can’t get longer time.

Might be due to PT2399 variations ; or maybe a wrong resistor value for R54, R57, R58

@pichenettes I used the delay times 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 127. Should I try the higher resistor value of 27 or 30k for R58? Is there an issue with R54 and R57 as well?

Actually you are observing the opposite of MicMicMan’s problem ; so the fix would be a smaller resistor for R58.

@pichenettes So like 18k? Or much lower?

I’m gonna borrow the V2164 out of one of my Shruthis and test mine tonight. I feel like I’m missing out :slight_smile:

I will post the details of my PT2399 too.

I’ll try to record the same experiment with my unit so we can compare delay lengths. I’m not shocked by those lengths, although it seems to last a bit longer than mine. But I haven’t taken the time to try my delay since Olivier’s fix.

It looks like your delay times are ~60% slower compared to what I have ; so try 15k or 12k. The risk is that a value too low will bring the crash problem observed by MicMicMan…