It pays to take a break

So after many projects including multiple Monomes, Shruthi’s and guitar pedals I thought I would go for the Ambika. I spent a week of evenings in front of the TV with a board on my knee soldering away. Voice card first and then motherboard. I checked and double checked but still managed to put the LCD in from the wrong side. Unfortunately I damaged some traces getting it out! I managed to spot them and make some little bridges. But when I had completed it, the LCD just showed up little squares.

After 2 hours if panic messing, I decided to call it a day. I could have cried! I mailed to see he cost of a new PCB and LCD then went to have a bath and drink some beer. I looked at the traces on my phone in the tub and followed where they went. Then went back with my multi meter to test what was connected to find 2 of the LCD pins were not connected to the ATMEGA. I plumbed in a couple of wires to bridge the gap and bingo! It lives!

It sounds fantastic and the kit is amazing! So detailed. There was nothing missing and I have found this with all the kits I have built by Mutable Instruments!

So you were in the tub having a bath, drinking beer and reviewing PCB traces on your phone, all at the same time![](? Cool)

Multitasking at its best !

I do all my best work in the tub!

I prefer to shower.

The worst is trace troubleshooting in bed in your head then realizing where the problem is at 2am. I’ve done the phone photo trace, but its usually on the John :stuck_out_tongue:

The shower is not hands-free enough to multi-task.

My phone doesnt like showers, neither does my beer.

When I multitask I usually end up mixing things up in a horrible way. So I’d probably be sitting in a tub of beer, chewing on my phone, all the time wondering what I was supposed to be doing with a glass of soapy water.

Ooh, that certainly opens up a bunch of possibilities I’d rather not think about.