It finally happened

Logic Pro X has finally released. A deep arpeggiator and “midi plugins” are really appealing.

Yup, but after all those marketing bullshit quickshot reviews i am tempted to wait a little longer. I want to be sure that none of its basic midi functionality was lost. And to be honest it still looks to me that Apple came back to the level of the other DAWs, when i look at the audio pitch-shifting feature. As Melodyne user not too much of an urge to update now. I guess i wait until the first greater update.

When I get home I’ll see if I get the update for free. I may have to wait a few days, but I’ll take lots of pictures or record video of features you’re curious about for you guys

No update available, it’s 199$ or 179€ dude…

Apple Inc signs my paychecks :wink:

I spent all that money switching to Live 9, and now this?! CURSE YOU APPLE!

The Live Control iPad app might be the clincher. If it’s as well integrated as it seems to be, then it’ exactly what Live X needed to be (like 2 years ago). Leave it to Apple to piss me off AND entice me with a $200 upgrade that I’m almost certain to get.

In the end i will upgrade to X, but i still use some beloved 32 bit plugins…

It’s incredible how little such software-related news excite me nowadays… :smiley:

@rumpelfilter firmware is software :wink:

well you get the point…

I just had a look and thought something like good am i lucky to own a Big C…

They should have called it “Vienna”, because it means nothing to me :wink:

You made my day!

lol - I aim to please :wink:

Overall it looks like Garage Band on Speed…

@rumpelfilter Yes, and I agree. I feel there’s been too much same same the last couple of years in terms of DAWs and soft synths.

Soft synths are what let me make my first bleeps and bloops so they hold a special place in my heart. I don’t really touch them except for at work now, but I wouldn’t have met you guys or started SDIY without having tasted sterile waveforms and piano rolls. And Frank, you are lucky to have a Big C

Ok, had a closer look now - definetely not GB on speed. The new workflow of mixing is much better - fits for as i do only my mixing pure digitally these days. Flex pitch puts some ambivalency to the soup, not as good when it comes to transposing audio more than one octave. Melodyne still is the winner. Drummer is an awesome feature for following band recordings, so not really a feature fitting for me. After all Logic is pretty responsive now and the GUI really quick, something really positive, as the speed of Logic 9 in larger projects is annoying…

Its not much more expensive than a MacBook + Logic :wink:

and my MacBook Pro croaked ON THE SAME DAY Logic X was released, WHILE I was booting it up to buy and install Logic X. So maybe this is a supernatural way of telling me to go back to cubase on the PC. Ah well, at least I hadn’t paid the $200 yet.