Issues with note triggering

I seem to be having an issue with note priority, triggering, and dropped notes. For instance, if I play a chord in one hand, as demonstrated in the attached picture, and play different notes with my other, most of the voices will have dropped out (usually, but not always) by the time I am done playing the sequence. I have six voice cards installed, calibrated and working. The synth is set to poly mode, with release times on all envelopes at 0. If someone could enlighten me as to the cause of this issue, that would be great! I am on firmware 1.0


I should also mention that at times, a full chord will not sound when I play it. For instance, if I play a 3 note chord, only two voices will sound sometimes.

First of all, make sure that all 6 voices are allocated to the same part.

Is that a chip you bought programmed from me? A kit?

There are about 20 chips out there programmed with a buggy development version of the firmware.

Try with the latest files here.

They are all allocated to the same part. I bought the programmed chips from your store on October 15th. I do not have the know how to compile/ burn the firmware myself. If it is a bug, would I be able to purchase a new one?

Search for firmware upgrade in the manual. You can do it over MIDI (this SysEx file) or with a SD card (by putting this file on the root of the SD card).

Thank you for your time and support! That definitely seems to have fixed the issue. I am still having one more though: When the attack time is set long on the VCA, the voice is silent for a second and then abruptly gates in. Likewise, when the release time is set long the voice gates out at a certain point instead of smoothly fading out (almost like there is a noise gate on the output).

Which voicecards do you use?

6X smr4

Is the volume control all the way up? Sometimes having volume less than maxed can affect the VCA envelope…

It happens the same regardless of where the volume is set. It also happens regardless of which voice card(s) are selected.

Could you post a sample? There are 8-bit of dynamic for the VCA control. With a bunch of modulations (and velocity control) this can be reduced.

I have attached two examples: the Examp 1 is from the full mix output, and Examp 2 is on an individual output.

I used the “Junon” patch with all modifiers disabled on the VCA except Envelope 3.


didn’t want to start new thread about a similar question :
when i sequence chords and use the 6 sepouts, there’s no way i can be sure what note will go to what mixer channel.

at 15.10 a tk i made with ambika (doing the static, sinister chords throughout the whole tk)
All voices to Part 1.

that is to say, when i stop the sequencer and play it again, notes seem to be distributed randomly through the outputs, when it would be easier to have the lowest first and so on to the highest on the mixer, does that make sense to you ?
Is there something i misunderstood ?