Issues with Doepfer mini case and MI modules

Hi guys
First off, I absolutely love the MI modules.
I thought I would ask for some help here as i have no idea what i’m doing
trying to set up my Doepfer mini case with Peaks and Clouds but i have an issue… According to modulargrid the power consumption for the combined modules is 180 mA 12V | 12 mA -12V | 0 mA 5V the case is 200 ma @/-12v and 50 ma @ +5v
However, I cant seem to have them both powered at the same time… both power individually no problem
Can anybody offer any advice into what the problem might be?

The published module power consumption is accurate but can fluctuate a bit depending on the number of LEDs lit (a few mA / LED).

The published maximum current delivered by a rectifier-based PSU can fluctuate from one unit to the other depending on the actual value of the capacitors it uses, which usually have fairly large tolerances.

That’s why you should always remove 20% to 30% of the maximum current published by the PSU manufacturer.

I’m afraid you’ll have to find another case (especially since the Peaks and Clouds combo will absolutely need an additional attenuator module to be useful).

Thank you for the detailed reply :slight_smile: