Issues with basicwayne on ebay

Hi everyone.

I’m probably just very unlucky, but since I know that some of you are interested in buying SID chips, or have so in the past, I just wanted to share my story.

So, I’ve ordered a sammisch SID kit, and for that purpose I had to buy some SID chips, which I did on october 29th. Since basicwayne is basically the last guy on ebay to have some and seems legit about it, I bought 2 SID chips (6581s) from him. In the same time, one friend of mine, also located in France, did the same.
About one month later, I had no news at all, except a rather useless tracking number. Meanwhile, my friend had received his chips, so it’s not an usual delivery delay. I contacted basicwayne about that issue, and he told me that delivery time can go up to 6 weeks, so he just advised me to wait and contact him later.
As i’m a nice guy, I didn’t do anything. A few weeks later, I inquired about the item again, and we were close to Christmas. What did he answer? just wait a bit, it’s christmas and postal services are overloaded with work. Which is understandable. Once again, I waited. At the beginning of January, I contacted him again and he just didn’t answer.
Today, I’ve tried to open a case on ebay… But since the transaction is older than 45 days, I just cannot do anything. I cannot leave any feedback, I cannot open a case. My money (more than 60€) is just lost. Including $15 postage fees for something for which tracking doesn’t work right.

It’s not the first time I’m using ebay at all, but it’s the first time I experience this kind of issue. So, to you guys, 2 things :

  • if you ever have to buy SID chips, be very careful with basicwayne. I’m sure he’s not a rogue and that the real problem here is with postal services, but anyway, now I’m basically f*cked up and that makes me very angry .
  • never trust someone who says that delivery delays are normal. They are, actually, but you don’t want to wait more than 40 days before opening a case.

So now, I’m looking for SID chips… I may have found one (a 6581) for free but that’s not enough for a fully functional sammisch.

It’s often cheaper and easier to buy C64s and take the chips out. It seems a crime to do this, but you can always put a Swinsid back into the C64s so they still work okay.

Sorry to hear that, MicMicMan. I feel your pain…

I’m with 6581punk on this. I bought a few SIDs from Wilba, back when he had that batch of unused, old stock ones. For my SammichSID, I managed to find a local (UK) eBay seller selling a pair of C64s they’d found in their attic. They were in poor condition, and untested, but I decided I’d take the risk the SID chips would be working. They were, and it cost me less than you paid for the chips alone, even with delivery. I know some think its sacrilege to sacrifice a potentially working Commodore 64, but I have no particular interest in vintage computers, so see no problem, especially when saving at least something useable from a couple of decaying machines that were never realistically going to be used again, anyway. These things sold in their thousands- it’s not like they have rarity value, even now.


@micmicman, that sucks. I have ordered 2 6581’s from basicwayne on 2 seperate occasions without any issues. Matter of fact, the second one arrived 2 days after I bought it. It probably helps he’s close-ish to where I live. Have you tried opening a case with the post office? If there is a tracking number, they should be able to find it.

Have you tried androsid? I just build a SammichSID for someone and they bought 2 8580’s from him for 54€. They worked perfectly. Plus, the 8580’s sound WAAYY better. My Sammich has 6581’s which have horrid VCA bleed and cannot wave-mix.

Butcher! :wink:

I have contacted my post-office about the case and provided them with the with tracking number.
French postal services have no track of this tracking number. Meanwhile, the USPS website simply states that the chips have been “delivered” without any additional precision. Since I’m just a customer, I haven’t paid anything to any postal service so i cannot do anything about that. Only basicwayne can do anything about it, which I asked for in the beginning of January.

I’ve been trying to find C64s around but they were (seemingly) more expensive than the solution offered by basicwayne. Except the one I have at hand!
I didn’t know about androsid. I may give it a shot once I have a bit more time for this.
I’m just very disappointed by myself, not understanding how ebay worked about open cases and this 45 days lapsing thing.

edit :
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

oh, come on…

just contact androsid at midibox
i’ve bought from him several times, always happy :smiley:

Thanks rosch