Issue with Volts SOLVED. Modularitis CRITCAL

So I couldn’t wait anymore and I got a Doepfer LC6 (among other things today at Analouge Haven…).

I got a Volts from them, of course, to get +5v on my bus for Grids and Braids:

1. When I turn on the PSU without Volts, I get get LEDs on +12/-12.

2. I turn it off, install Volts (facing to -12V on the board), and when I turn it back on +12/-12/+5 are lit. I then turn it off, attach Grids and Ripples.

3. But when I turn it back on, no power to any modules, LED is only lit on -12.

Any ideas?

And I have them plugged in correctly (red ribbon down).

Plug modules one by one to see which of the two is causing a problem?

Ok I will try (I got lost in all my 12vs…)

I love Ripples. It’s got way more functionality than i thought and it sounds amazing

Well I guess they just wanted to sit the first one out and make sure i could get a decent patch going before they were ready.

Happy to report everything is fine now, inexplicably.

I’ve got a VOLTS on my Doepfer power rail for Braids?
Will there be any problems if I use it to power the 4MS PEG as well?

Volts will power whatever you want it to, most PSUs run out of 12V capacity before Volts is exceeded.