Issue with the drum section of my Anushri

Hi all

I ve an issue with the kick: a very loud high lo-fi noise is in the kick sound.
Impossible to use it with that.
Here is an example:
There is somthing to do?


Yes, turn the bitcrush knob to its maximum value.

Thank you for the answer but Howard to do that please?
I have bought it assemblate


I suggest you read the manual before we explain every little bit in detail…

I have read it but can t find this display.
Maybe one pote Time…

Try the bottom right knob (‘Bandwidth’) when in the ‘drums’ page (bottom left LED lights up).

Hit the Drum Button, (left row, lowest) and turn the Bandwith Pot (lowerst row, rightmost) ful Clockwise.

From the Manual: “Bandwidth controls the sample rate of the drum synth. Think of it as an 8-bit poor man’s filter…”

Oh ok thank you all

I have missed this part.

Sorry for this kind of stupid questions…