Issue with Rings' Even Output

Hi all,

Really loving this module, but I think there’s an issue with the output. Of course it could be just because I’m not understanding how it’s to be used. When both outputs are connected it does the stereo panning, when just the odd is connected it sounds normal. But, the issues is that when just the even output is connected, it still does the panning effect, only playing every other note. It’s like the module is not realizing there’s nothing plugged into the odd output.

Any advice would be appreciated

There is no issue with your module.

The ODD and EVEN outputs work like the LEFT/MONO and RIGHT outputs found on many synths. Observe the asymmetry: it’s not called LEFT/MONO and RIGHT/MONO!

If you need a single signal (mono), you connect only the LEFT output (ODD on Rings). In this case, you get the mix.

If you want two signals (stereo), you connect both outputs (ODD and EVEN on Rings). In this case the signal is not mixed, but separated.

Take any synth and patch only the RIGHT output: you’ll get exactly that, the right signal, not mixed with the left one. And similarly, Rings’ EVEN output contains always that: one “half” of the signal.

The behaviour you are dreaming of would create a feedback loop between both outputs when none of them is patched. Then you’d get some horrible loud tones every time you insert a jack in either output, and I’m sure even more people would complain the module is defective and return it to Thomann!


Ok! That makes sense. For some reason I though each output was for either the even or odd harmonics. Thank you for the speedy reply! :slight_smile:

That’s correct.

If you use the module in monophonic mode (left LED is green) and patch both outputs, they will contain odd and even harmonics.

I took left/mono and right as an example of how these outputs with implicit summation work.

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