Issue with Program change and sequence settings


I’m stepping on a issue about the Shruthi sequence/patch behavior

I know that a running sequence will keep playing when loading a new patch …but :

I’m sequencing the Shruthi with an MPC
Each time i’m sending a program change it works fine but the new loaded patch stays with the sequence settings of the previous patch.

I have no other option than stopping the sequencer and play it again to reload the patch with
his own sequence/arp setting ( not cool for live use:( )
Even if it put the patch on stp mode or if no note is triggered to send a program change it still reload with the previous settings.

Is there a way to desactivate this function ? Or a midi message that i need to send to reload the patch with his own settings? while keeping the sequencer running !

Besides i’m having a lot of fun with this box it’s amazing.

Thanks in advance


Hi thanks for your answer.

Do you ,or anyone see any “tricks” to do that ?

If I understand your issue correctly there’s a firmware hack for it: