Issue with Grids and a VCO (Furthrrrr Generator)

Hy people.
I’d like to know if anybody has encountered a similr problem than the one here:
I was working on a FMed sound with the Furtherrrr Generator when I heard there seemed to be a kind of unstability… I switched on the oscilloscope to properly see what it looked like. It was a kind of fast change in speed that I could observe on the modulator.
I first thought it was Due to I DIY module i just built. But when i removed it, the problem kept on going.
I kind of rememberd i had once read a problem about a numerical component generating interferences on a VCO. So I also removed the Intellijel Shapeshifter wich was next to the FG. Same problem
I then found out that it was related to the reset and triggers of the Grids.
Can anyone tell me how I could solve this?
Thanks for any advice.

Which power supply do you use?

My 20c-put the Grids on a separate busboard with an independent connection back to the PSU (ie star configuration).

If that’s not possible, connect it to the power connector on the busboard that is closest to the wires going back to the PSU, then put the Furtherrr generator in the next closest connector (or on the other side if the PSU wires terminate from the centre of the busboard).

I tried this experiment with two TH 555 VCOs and a Hackme Vectr (very noisy) on one of Frank’s busboards-it made a noticeable difference.

is that the version that requires +5V?

I often find that not getting away the current a.k.a the GND configuration is the problem, its more often the PSU acts at the edge of what it can deliver thus has not enough capacity to compensate spikes in the Modules power consumption. Attention, car analogy ahead The problem might be the bumpy road if you can’t get your car reaching Vmax, tuning the motor won’t help.
Quick and dirty hack to identify the problem is adding some buffer caps to the rails. If you use HUUUUUUUUUUGE Caps, don’t forget protection diodes if you make this a permanent solution. If this makes it better your PSU is not beefy enough.

and you always have to take care about the huge amount of power the FG needs(200mA+12V/200mA-12V)