Is tides the greatest oscilator?

So I did a small show for elektron in Japan and I of course took my modular along. Anyhow I did a live improve for the closing track using tides sequenced by rene. No filter just raw tides. Man it sounds good.

Anyway, check out the video here.

Great performance! Not sure which sound comes from where, but I really liked the set!

The main melody is tides. At the start I am playing the bass on the a4 by hand but later on the sequencer takes over. AT the end the bit crush arp is actually braids.

Thanks for taking the time to watch

well actually I’m playing through your whole playlist right now :slight_smile:

Haha thanks man. Really appreciate that! Hope you enjoy them.

+1 listening to the playlist

I was also enjoying the playlist earlier. I picked up your album a while back and really enjoy it as well.

I am starting to use Tides in most of my patches. Mostly for modulation since I have been obsessed with the Orgone Accumulator, but often as an oscillator. I love modulating all parameters to get really interesting sounds.

Oh sweet. Thanks man. Yeah I need to use tides for modulation more but it tends to end up as an oscillator. I have an sto but I’m really not using it much these days.

Only a lunatic would say that Tides is the world’s greatest oscillator. :wink:

I’m starting to believe it is. the waveshaping is just sublime

Not having to use a filter is a big plus for me.