Is this anti-gear-p0rn?

Why would anyone want such a tiny synth ?
It’s hilarious but…why!

Hum…an awesome gift for any music loving person?

I don´t think it should be taken seriously tho.

And it sounds Unterirdisch™, it must have been a hard task designing a Filter that much worse than the MS-20. Target Retail Price is 99€.

Woah kinda expensive for a gift/toy.

Under 50 euro and I would maybe try one.

No you wouldnt if you heared it…

Actually, the claimed “analog filter” is an anti-aliasing RC-filter thing :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


From the video, it sounds like the “analog” filter is just a fixed low-pass filter like you had on the Amiga.

The tagline on the package is very honest though… :wink:

ploytec hehe why not? this is even anti-audiophile but in the wrong sense.

I would call this NoFi !

NoFi sounds appropriate, haha.
Here’s something of comparable usefulness…

Ordered one. Single most useful piece of gear in da house. Its of an ingenious elegance you mostly find only in MI Gear.

But does it have midi?


theuseless box is cool :slight_smile:

If you could hack delay in the Useless Box´s “un-switching” action with a pot, and you had an “in” and “out” jack, you have a Usefull Useless Box!

  1. Wire a TRIGGER input to the switch, and read the actual switch position to a GATE output. You’ve got a trigger to gate converter. Create patch around it, post video online, get featured on Matrixysnth.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

I think they dodged a comparison bullet by classifying it as a “snyth”.

There (is also) has been a pi unsquared,
if those guys would be “quicker” (or just in time)
I could play mine.