Is this an acceptable replacement?

So I’m sourcing from Digi-Key and they were out on a couple things. The part that concerns me the most is the eeprom.

Is this an acceptable replacement for the Atmel version?

As far as I can tell specs are all the same, and pin out is identical.


Looks ok.

AT24C64 are getting harder to find and are end of life apparently… The replacement I use is the larger capacity part from Atmel:

Ok cool wasn’t sure if going larger was going to cause some addressing problems, etc. Yeah on Digi-key they are gone forever.

If there’s enough room for this, I might add support for the 128k part in a future OS revision. Things to be taken care of: detecting memory size to avoid scrolling beyond 80 when the inserted eeprom is a 64k ; and the SysEx dump thing.

But don’t ask me to program 64 additional presets :slight_smile: