Is there a way to have a saved shopping list/bom with some supplier that everybody could use?

Hi All,

I was just thinking if it wouldn’t be a possibility? Or talk to suppliers to have an item that includes all the items for a specific project?


Mouser does that of course - and there are a few Mouser BOMs on the wiki. Reichelt also has a similar feature.

The problem is that at any given point in time, it’s unlikely that all items will be in stock, so you always have to hunt for equivalents.

Someone would need to maintain it as parts become obsolete. They also go out of stock with long lead times sometimes.

Great. Thanks for the feedback.

@pichenettes Received yesterday the Shruthi-1 kit. Will just try a smaller kit during this week to raise up my soldering skills and then go to build it the Shruthi after that. Hope you can get the full Ambika kits back in stock sometime soon.

Ambika full kits: december 2014. Sorry!


Just out of curiosity, is there a specific reason for taking that long? Isn’t it good business?

There have been many reasons listed in many threads, some of which include the pain of kitting and the pain of seeing people who just bought a pretty extensive kit bork something imperative and need hours of troubleshooting(which isn’t bad in itself, but Olivier has stated that as they are his creations, it makes him sad to have people let down on such wonderful products). Sourcing the parts in itself is pretty much a rite of passage to build it. It filters out the folks with more dollars than sense. Focusing on development of new modules and other super surprises also claims the time of the good sir. I’m sure there will be other responses that are more accurate, but that’s what I remember. If my memory has overstepped boundaries, I apologize.

From a “business” point of view this project should have been killed a long time ago, probably even before its release. But I understand that some people are quite fond of it - so there’s a small batch of kits for Christmas…