Is there a prinatble list for the BOMs anywhere?

Hi all , I have an order from mouser , and they didnt sort them out into the respective BOMs , are there any PDF or other files that have the BOMs for each filter board? ( specifically I need Yellow magic and Polivoks)

there used to be a link to a pdf file underneath the bom on the build page but they have vanished.
but maybe it’s just my browser?

You can copy and paste them into a spreadsheet. For me there was an empty cell that got added to the beginning of every row except the first but those are easy to remove. Then you can sort them into pretty much any order (group similar parts, which is easier when building, or keep Mutable and other sources separate, which is easier to check orders).

Just select BOM table and print it (Chrome)

I didn’t think to open it in chrome ! Silly safari ! I’ll give that a shot , cheers

qp did an excellent spreadsheet BOM for most of the boards…
see this thread…(I am not sure if he updated it for YM, but I’m sure Polivolks is there).


Great I can’t get my Mac to read the xls file. I’ll try a windows pc next.
Thanks for the link. That’s the thread I got the mouser BOM for the polivoks

xls = Excel spreadsheet ? So you’d need excel for mac ^^

or openoffice for mac

not that you’d be able to print it but I think sometimes you can view xls and doc files by using QuickLook(hit spacebar while focus/hilight on file or right click).

Errm, Numbers and Pages can handle Excel and Word files just fine. Those cost some moolah I think, LibreOffice is free.

cheers dudes, once I kick this strep thoat Ill be on them !