Is there a functional diff between Shruthi XT vs Shruthi controlled by MIDI?

Simple question:

If I connect a regular Shruthi to a MIDI controller with an appropriate number of pots and buttons and program them to send the proper CC etc, can I get the same functionality as a Shruthi XT?

I’m asking because I want to “downgrade” my XT to a regular size to save some space, but I don’t want to give up the ability to control it in real-time if I can use a MIDI controller to do the same thing (yes it would take up more space, but I would use it for all of the gear in my studio, not just the Shruthis).

No, there is no functional difference. The pot scanning and CC handling code work differently (at different rates), which would result in a different steppiness and latency when tweaking the knobs frantically - but if you tweak things with two hands and not too intensely, the difference is undetectable.

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