Is nothing sacred?

even mr surgeon of hip-hoppy banging metally loop-based madness from long time ago from my own little home club in birmingham (house of god)
- he’s gone & got himself a modular!

and a beard

Yep, and he has grey hair in his beard, like me…f…k, we all are getting old !
Looks like a modular is a sign of retirement. :wink:

Seems like live modular techno is the new big thing. Also see:

actually techo seems like a perfect fit for modular synths (or the other way around).
Techno has always had a more timbre-oriented approach and has often moved away from traditional western harmony. Also techno focuses on repetition and subtle variations, all things that are in the nature of how a modular synth works.
And last but not least, techno is about being uber-technological and making weird space-y sounds! :slight_smile:

Oh, absolutely. It makes a lot of sense and I expect to see this happening more and more. The added benefit is that it looks great on stage as well; I gues the wait now is for the first keytar-style Eurorack case. :wink:

To be honest though, I’m starting to think pretty much any style of music could benefit from a (small) modular system.

yes I’m only joking - it’s a great idea. If not vinyl trickery, knobs & wires. something outside the box. boring watching djs with only laptops. plus totally agree techno all about subtle shifts & the power of repetition. I’d love to play around with a machinedrum or something and a modular, or maybe one of those sherman filter banks - anything with knobs :slight_smile:

actually one of the cool side effects of this is that it takes some people to make techno how it used to be made in the old days.

Btw. we’re currently working on a techno side project that involves two modulars and a drum machine. I only have to fight my problem with 4-to-the-floor kind of beats, but maybe I can infuse a bit of electro, which is what techno mainly derived from anyway

sounds cool! Make sure you post the results…
When I try & make music for dancing I find there’s no escaping a kick drum on at least one beat, and a 4/4 bar structure for that, or it doesn’t make me want to dance (nothing against other idioms -it’s personal: seems I’m a 4/4 techno head). Apart from that, polyrhythms ahoy! different periods for different elements make for nice shifting sequences. Perhaps you could get different track lengths with a modular sequencer & sequence a couple of voices on the drummie from the modular? (with a CV/MIDI thing or whatever you need)
Before I had to sell them both I used to sequence a Yamaha drum machine from an Octatrack, that way you can get all the crunchiness of the old hardware but flexible sequencing.