Is my Streams broken?

Hi everyone;

I have an original mutable streams that’s acting weird suddenly. I have two streams and the other’s fine. When it starts up, I don’t get the regular sequence of lights. Just red. And when I press any of the buttons I get blinking red lights. I was wondering if it was because I had too much power consumption in my rack, so I removed half the modules (no change) and tried it on another rack (no change).

Any suggestions would be appreciate.

It’s certainly not power consumption related.

Your description is a little vague (which LED is lit? When you press a button what does change?). Does the analog side of the module work? If you feed a signal into the input and turn the LEVEL knob to the maximum, do you get a signal on the output? Can you post a video?

Thanks for confirming it wasn’t power consumption related, I was pretty sure it was not.

ALL LEDs in all configurations. The Channel function selector. & Metering button. all cycle through fine, but all the buttons flash or are solid red.

I’ll make a video. I didn’t want to leave it running or put a signal through it or use it until I’d checked online to see what was the problem. Video to follow… as soon as I finish coffee and trundle up to work! Thanks!

Here’s a video with the crazy lights! Hope I just did something stupid… like look at it funny.

The module is not broken.

Check the Five more things section of the manual (spoiler: long press on a button activate a bank of 5 alternate functions, represented by the red color).

Also, check the Siamese twins section of the manual (spoiler: pressing both buttons ties together the function of each channel).

Nice! Fixed now. Is there a button combination to disable inadvertent button combinations? Call me shallow, but I don’t dive into button combinations. Surface reality is about all I can ever handle.

Thanks for the quick response!

If there was such a combination, there would also be another button combination to re-enable inadvertent button combinations :smiley: And then it could inadvertently be triggered, leading to even more inadvertent triggerings. :scream:


There we go! That’s the Jasonian Configuration as intended. Complexity ad absurdum is the autistic response to linear logical normalcy. Er, I guess I’ll have to code it up myself though… reducing the likelihood of it ever coming to fruition.