Is my rings dead?


I just got a second hand (original) Rings Module. I had a lot of fun with it for a few weeks and I must say it’s my absolute favourite module. Unfortunately since last week the module is dysfunctional. The module’s led’s won’t lit up anymore and it also doesn’t make any sound. I am not exactly sure what happened as I only notice it the next time I’ve power on my rack. I had two racks connected and pulled out all the patch cables before switching the two racks off … I might have caused a short by that?!

Anyway, I searched the forum for similar cases but couldn’t find anything. I disassemble the module (removed the faceplate) but couldn’t see any burn marks and also didn’t notice any damaged parts. I made sure that there is sufficient power and also measured the voltages after the LM1117 … seems all fine. A friend of mine has a JTAG analyzer … but before investigating further I wanted to ask here if anybody had the same happen to him and if I should rather send in the module before doing any further damage.


Why not sending it back to me for a (free) repair?


Oh wow, that’s a service :two_hearts:

Should I drop you a message via the contact form beforehand?

Thanks a lot

This is what Émilie wrote:

This is rare problem with the STM32F4 microcontrollers - sometimes a
segment of flash memory erases itself or get corrupted.

And this is/was the solution:

If the module still boots in firmware update mode, you can fixed it yourself by reinstalling the firmware (note to myself/others RTM for how to update the firmeware).

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