Is my Peaks bricked?

I’ve been trying to install the firmware on my Peaks, playing the audio file on Ableton through my DAW into Peaks. It seems to be uploading the data but after about ten seconds it fails. I tried a few times and now, though I can still attempt to install the update, when I turn on the module for normal use it’s just dead.

What should I do? I fear the worst.

No, it’s not bricked. It would be bricked if you couldn’t access the firmware update mode!

Your module doesn’t start because it has not received a full firmware – it got the first half of the new one and the second half of the old one.

It will work normally once you install the file fully.

I don’t expect Ableton to play an audio file without any transformation. Try a simpler media player!

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Fixed! Thanks so much for your quick response and excellent advice!