Is it time Toronto had its own synth meet-up?

I tend to stay away from people as much as I can so there’s a chance Toronto already has a regular meeting of synth-heads and I keep missing it but, if there is no such thing, maybe we should start working on something like Knobcon for the Toronto area. Between the Mutable forum gang and the Muff’s gang, we should be able to pull something together.

I’m a nightmare who should be kept well away from any organising. But i’d bring IPA

I will also bring beer!

It’s not strictly a synth-head thing but the Ambient Ping often ends up being full of nerdy synth talk.

I had no idea that the Ambient Ping still happened!

TO is a mere 4 hr drive for me, I’d be damn tempted to swing on up!

That Ambient Ping looks cool I might check out the one in June. I’m going to head down to the Drake Hotel tonight to see “I break horses”. I think it’s a $10 cover, doors at eight but I’m gambling they won’t be first on & my friend isn’t free till later so might not get down there till 9 or 10. i like their sound so will be nteresting to see what they use live. I’m tall with glasses & wearing a Casio t-shirt so any impulsive lovers of Scandinavian synth pop I’ll see you down the front or at the bar! 6473918893. I do have a slightly unfair advantage tho - there are benefits to shift work as off tomorrow…

I’m picking my son up from his gig on Augusta in Kensington market at 11:00 tonight but I’m working in the morning so I’ll be very cranky by the time I get home.

@bleo, a mere 4 hours! Where the heck are you?

@piscione: Just on the other side of the drink in Geneva, NY. It would probably only take me an hour if I could do a straight shot in a helicopter! :wink:

Speed boat! Right across the lake, just like Crocket and Tubbs, with some Jan Hammer music playing.

Hells yes. I’m ready: I just bought this on vinyl on Saturday!

@fcd72, I know I can always count on you! Give a listen to “Earth in Search of a Sun” on “The First Seven Days.”


Skip to 2:15 for the fun part. Guitar was a combination of Oberheim SEM and MiniMoog, at the time very cool.

I posted this thing about a Toronto meet-up on Muff’s but didn’t get any responses. Electronic musicians are a shy bunch it seems.

As always….

That’s odd, I wonder why?

Theres no much difference between the GEMA and Saurons Eye…

Despite mine and Frank’s attempt to derail (still lots of time 'though), I’m going to get back on topic a bit.

Not much of a response on either forum although I appreciate the responses I did get. Let’s think about some potential venues, might need to pay a little something but maybe we can rent one of the smaller rooms available in Kensington Market, aiming for the fall sometime after Knobcon.

My son knows alot of those places, I’ll ask him. I really don’t know the retailers very much but maybe Moog Audio would have some ideas, just in case anyone knows those guys.


I wish I had a bigger place.

I’d consider doing it at my place but it would need to be in the summer and I couldn’t do it until next summer, my kitchen is scheduled to be destroyed shortly.

There has been some activity on Muffs.

Not sure if I should continue the discussion on both forums or just move it to one or the other.