Is it possible to use your own wavetables with the SD card in the Ambika?

I thought I read this before, but now when I look around I can’t find anything that indicates that you can use your own wavetables from the SD card.
Can someone clarify?

No. You can hack and customize the firmware (including wavetables) but it is quite involved and certainly not a “hot swappable wavetables” solution.

Can you not send them via sysex like with the Shruthi, or am I just wrongly assuming things there?

No, you can’t do that with Ambika.

Is that because of a lack of resources or because of complications in passing data from the brain to the voice cards?

IIRC the program memory is almost full

I thought the SysEx custom wavetables feature of the Shruthi was kind of broken and useless because there was no way of getting the waveform data to persist between power cycles, so I did not “port” it to Ambika.

Oh and the voicecard processors being puny 328ps with 2k of RAM, once you remove all the variables for the oscillators, com with the mobo, stack etc you’re left with less than 1k of RAM. That’s not even 8 waveforms with 128 points / cycle.

I always thought it would fun to play the shruthi with some sort of wavetable writing companion app, has anyone tried streaming wavetable information while the synth was being sequenced?