Is it possible to have Stages act as an analog shift register?

I read the releases notes of the qiemem firmware but I cannot find a clear explanation of how to do so. Any advices?
The goal is to create “cascading” melodies from the marbles (who can also act as an analog shift register if I recall), but since I get my melodies from the marbles…
Let me know!

Yes, with a lot of self patching and multiples (stackables would help here!):

  1. All segments in orange.
  2. All pots/faders to the minimum.
  3. Mult the clock to all GATE inputs.
  4. Input CV on the first channel.
  5. Patch each output to the CV input of the next channel.

I tried that patch a while back and yes it works !

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I couldn’t load the forum on my laptop so I had to login on my phone (is this normal?)
Ok well it seems like I wont have enough mult/stack cables ! Thank you for the answer