Is it possible to have poly aftertouch on ambika?

i read this recently that the ambika supports poly at- is there a special way this needs to be setup? i see that the cme xkey offers poly AT as a controller.

It’s a modulation source you specify when creating or editing patches.

“aftr: Note aftertouch.”

Assign aftr as a modulation source to a parameter and then set the modulation amount.

thats all? i thought with polyAT you need to set it up through a computer using different midi channels…

Nope, the difference between poly and mono aftertouch is that poly sends the note along with the pressure value. Mono just sends the pressure value.

Obviously they are two different messages so the synth itself can handle them differently.

MIDI spec

so right out of the box with a cme xkey if note aftertouch amount is modulating the filter we’ll have poly AT filter changes?

That’s the way it has worked on every synth I’ve used. So long as each note/voice has its own filter and VCA, which Ambika does.

im talking about poly aftertouch on a note by note basis


@greenscreens I don’t see why you’d think per note Aftertouch is so much more challenging for a synth to respond to than per note velocity (other than its continuous). Sure, there are a lot of keyboards that only transmit mono Aftertouch, but responding to individual note messages is basic.

I confirm what 6581punk said.

It’s implemented in Ambika, and generally speaking it’s not very difficult to implement. However, since there are very few keyboards out there that send poly-AT messages, many synth developers did not bother implementing it. That’s why there are a couple tutorials (which I assume you’ve stumbled upon) explaining you how to emulate poly-AT by using a different MIDI channel for each note. But that’s for synths that do not support poly-AT in the first place!. You won’t need to do such things on Ambika since it parses Poly AT MIDI messages.

got it- thank you.

@bjarne. i dont think its challenging its just not very common (these days). i did a few google searches and only found one mention of someone saying the ambika had this capability and also in the manual there was no mention of it as “poly” that i could find.

so yea i am surprised and elated that this is possible! my new ambika arrives sometime soon and i cant wait to try it out

I’m sorry to interfere the silence of this old thread, but this was the first thing to appear when googled.

Yes, I can confirm that polyphonic works. I’m using it with old Ensoniq keyboard that has “poly pressure” keyboard. My Ambika has Bjarne’s OS.


I think I have messed up something in the mod matrix or on Ensoniq, because I have to turn the mod-wheel fully up before the poly pressure wants to modulate ie. filter frequency. Any ideas?

The aftertouch modulation is defined completely in the sound patch (program) modulation matrix. If you step through all modulations in the matrix you should find the ones with ‘aftr’ as the source:

“Another thing worth noting is that the modulation amount of the last patch in the modulation matrix is always attenuated by the modulation wheel.”


Yup, It was the last patch in the modulation matrix. I should have read the manual…