Is it possible to control parameters of a shruthi-1 via an emu command Station

Hello. I really like the sound and the compact nature of this synth. I saw that there is an xt version, but before I decided which one would work for me I wanted to see if I could incorporate it into my other gear. I have an rs7000, an emu proteus 2500 and an roland mc808.

the command station have 16 assignable knobs on it…yet the shruthi-1 programmer board has 32 parameters.

thank you for making this tool. it looks and sounds amazing.

If you can assign a CC to each knob, yes, you can control 16 parameters of your choice on the Shruthi-1.

The Shruthi-1 has 32 synthesis parameters, not counting the modulation matrix and not counting arpeggiator/sequencer/system settings.

Thank is great to know! is there a way to editor the modulation matrix on a computer and then save it to the synth?

there are different editors.
the most powerfull one is the CTRLR one i think. thread about it

The modulation matrix can be edited by NRPN, it’s not as straightforward to configure and use as CCs.