IR3109 pcb avalaibility

Yes please put me down for one!

I don’t know if there is a list but I would be interested in a pcb, too.

just grab one, they’re in the shop

Thanks, Rosch. Just did!

sold out :frowning:

Any plans for a second run?


the pcbs are a way more rare part than the IC itself!

Been utterly skint for a while, just came into some money, went to the shop…


I imagine a second run is unlikely.
Olivier said this earlier in the thread…

I’ll be doing a run just because I want one for myself and I need to amortize a bit the setup fee for the board, but this will be a small run and there won’t be more.

The good news is, he appears to be working on at least 2 new boards already!
(Im still secretly hoping for a Moog or Steiner type filter eventually :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m voting for an MS-20 filter, personally. Or an EDP Wasp one…


I imagine a second run would be likely. As I think the interest is there(the sound definitely is), and even though they’re sold out, they haven’t been removed from the store. Awwww, :frowning:

Well, the chips aren’t as rare as the IR3109 page implies, as long as you’re willing to flex your desoldering skills, and sacrifice an old guitar pedal…



Is there any official word as to whether there will be another board run Pichenettes?



  • I didn’t plan to do any other run.
  • Boards are expensive when ordered in small quantity. I need to order at least 20 boards for this to make it commercially viable.
  • I don’t want to end up with a stack of 25 unused boards.

So if you can get find 20 persons who are committed to buy it, I’ll do another run. Otherwise, you can grab the .brd file on github and have it done somewhere.

Or just grab the schematics and use one of these

well, speaking of commitment…
i’d be in. (at least 1)

I have one already, and I confess, it’s kinda nice to know that even the PCB is limited/rare. It will make a unique synth that much more special.

That said… You probably could just about shift another 20? Given the PH-2 discovery (In addition to 1 or 2 specialist parts suppliers that have some) the IR3109 chips’s seem rather easier to get than say, the CEM 3379 chips for example. Although I never did find any NOS…
I should have a couple of extra IR3109’s soon. I’ll either offer them to folk here for their builds, or perhaps build one of those nice AMS filters with them…

i must say i didn’t even plan to build one in the first place, as i didn’t have the chip…
but all the talk here got me looking at it again and again, so i’ll have one, too.
i still haven’t built it, so i can’t judge from own experience.
but janvanvolt’s sound demo has made it clear for me that i have to polychain some of them, in case the boards should become available again.
the sound is really convincing

Yeah, those first few seconds of janvanvolts demo kinda sold me. I got PH-2 off ebay and have been running some Shrut(h)i’s through it. It’s pretty fun in and of itself. There are some really sweets spots that lead me to believe it would be worth pulling the chips to access them fully. I really like the crackly corrosive cackles I’ve heard hidden in the undertones. You can put me on the list.

I would also take one! maybe we’ll get together a new batch?