IR3109 On eBay- Genuine Or Fake?

Just spotted these on eBay. Anyone know if they’re legit or not?
I’m kinda assuming not, but would love to know if anyone has tried them.


I got some ir3109’s some time ago and I have to say this does not look like them at all. Mine were a kind of rounded shaped and the print looked different.

This does not mean these are fakes, but I wouldn’t buy these because of differences.


I bought some fakes from 2 sources, both had the same look as the ship listed above.

Then I got real ones from 2 sources, both looked rounded.

I see. I thought they were probably fake- I found them too easily. Thanks guys.


I just ordered an IR3109 from here:
I emailed him first, and he tells me they are tested pulls. So that should rule out any fakes!?
I’ll report back here when it turns up and let you folk know how it went…

Yes, let us know, Luap! I missed the postman delivering my PH-2 this morning, but based on my desoldering fails today, if I hadn’t I’d probably have 2 melted IR3109s here…


really, would you have tested it with a $40 chip inserted?

No, I mean I have to desolder 2x IR3109s from the PH-2 circuitboard, when I pick it up from the parcel office on Monday.
Then test them to see if they work in my newly-soldered board.

What do you think my chances are :wink:


hmpf… how do you desolder?

With a desoldering pump, and much swearing. I’ve got desoldering braid, too, but never had much success with it. I’m wondering if I need some kind of heatsink on the chip to stop it overheating. Don’t have anything like that though. Any tips?


Oh, now I think about it, I’ve desoldered a couple of SID chips from old C64 boards in the past without wrecking them, so maybe that’s a good sign…
Also, I don’t have to worry about damaging the PCB, since the PH-2 board is expendable.



ok if there’s no fear to ruin the board i’d use the pump. maybe change the ic you’re working on after every pin, that way they can cool down and then start at the other end.
it will work. :slight_smile:

Good advice, thank you!


Just to follow up and let you guys know… appears to be a good supplier.
I ordered 2 chips, a Roland IR3109 and a Roland BA662 (for another project) and the parts certainly look completely genuine, and seem to be in good condition. They are not tested yet however (soon, but so far im encouraged that all is well with them, given the service, how they look, and of course what they cost)

[EDIT] It works fine :slight_smile: