IR3109 Live, Steve Vai, Pokemon, Boss Pedals, fcd72 Blue LED Advertisement, and a RAL color chart

I got to use my newly made shruthi IR3109 (purple box) this past weekend. I didn’t really have anything planned and thought I’d be able to mess around on a stage that’s usually pretty open. When I got to my buddy’s bar, there was a rock band playing. I was kinda worried about playing because 1) I had little prepared & 2) the band was asked to get off so I could play and their crowd didn’t seem to like that… lol. Oh well. The IR3109 has the most ridiculous tone. I’m in love. Thank you Olivier…thank you community (specifically fcd72)! I also have two sidekicks blinking on the right side of the computer that don’t get used in the video.

Check it out.
My Video

this is very cool!


Many thanks for mentioning me but: i’m just hangin’ out, having fun annoying other people. All Credits go to Olivier who does a tremendous Job - many of us will tell their children they had Mutable Instruments Gear right from the start!

Thanks MicMicMan. fcd72, I imagine my children will be fighting over my original mutable gear! You’re comments have been helpful and your attempts at annoying other people have created balance in the force and made me laugh.

@ CheeseNoOnions

Just build a set of Mutable Gear for each one…

BTW: Polyshrutiism was invented by his Steveness, also. Like all other usefull things in the last 30 years…see:

Do they come with different processor boards? Can you chain them to get more tracks in ProTools?

Other influences:

I Wonder if you Plug all these pedals together do they start to gain some kind of artificial awareness? Do you need to call the next Nuclear Power Plant to pull the control rods? Does Steve Vai know about this?

At least you can chain them together to get more AUs running on Logic using LogicNode - If you can manage to get OS X.6 runnign on a PowerPC…

Edit: 3rd row 2nd from left matches the threads theme

@Fcd72: if you plug all those pedala togheter what you get is exactly the initial sound… :wink: together with an impressive amount of gear to show in a live session!

ahhhh. thats what all the trucks are for…

Don’t tell me you thought that all those Marshall amps behind the Iron Maiden sounded all?
Actually they use something like this:

The rest is show biz, man

By the way, Boss made all those pedals because us guitarists like to fill us with so many glaring lights equipment (if you don’t believe me, have a look at this, minute 6:25)

Sorry - another thread totally hijacked. Wheres rosch?

i have plenty of Blue LEDs

@CheeseNoOnions: absolutely a great video! I’m dying to put my hands on a Monome… or an Arduinome. It’s very expensive, but everytime I see it in action I realize what would I do with that thing.

HA! I changed the name of the thread so it hasn’t been technically hijacked. Thanks Muldee. I love the monomes. I think it would be waaaaay more worth the money if I could program better. Right now I’m slave to the programs available and they can be glitchy. I need to get better at MAX so I can tailor these patches to my setup. If you can program well, and have an imagination, open controllers are the way to go.

oh my
unbeatable hijack haha
nice live gig also!

yeah, now the real fun beginns:

BTW, CheeseNoOnions, its not a random Color Chart its the official RAL chart where RAL means “Reichsausschuss für Lieferbedingungen” and heads back to 1927 - so the topic is still wrong, please change :wink:

Oh, and i want a Monome, too. And a Fan.


Anyone who wants to see the yearly comeback of the Capacitor Fairy?

I’m down…does she have a sister? What about the diode devil?

don’t play with fire, she has a resister