IR3109 desoldering


I won a BOSS PH-2 pedal in an auction and am about to desolder the two IR3109 chips. Do you have some hints for me about the easiest way to get them off the PCB without damaging anything?


Check the comments at the bottom of page 3 of this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks Luap!

Just desoldered both. It was MUCH easier than I expected. I just heated up every joint and sucked the solder away with a pump, then removed the remaining solder with wick from every joint. Then a bit pushing and moving the legs, and the chips were free.

Yeah those old single sided boards don’t put up much of a fight, thankfully…

I think it is easy to feel put off by how difficult it is to do on more modern print through/double sided boards (I know I was!). But old PH-2’s etc are really no problem.

I’d recommend the PH-2 massacre to anyone that needs an IR3109, or 2 :slight_smile:
(And it was a crap sounding phaser anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

I tested it shortly and I actually didn’t find the sound that bad. But the Shruthi is still a much better use for those IR3109s :wink:

And yes, desoldering stuff from double sided boards really sucks. I replaced the filter caps on my SMR-4 board with those big russian ones (kindly donated by rosch, thanks again man! :slight_smile: ), and it was quite a hassle…