IR3109 Caps


I’m trying to put together a Farnell order for the components for an IR3109 filter, and am having problems sourcing some of the capacitors. The ceramic caps specified in the BOM are listed on the UK Farnell site as ‘US stock’, which means they want to charge me £15.95 for international delivery. I want to avoid that if at all possible, so was wondering if
would be an acceptable substitute for
(C4, C11 etc.)

could be used instead of
specified in the BOM
(C3, C19)

Also, do any Europe or UK-based Shruthi builders happen to have any spares of the styroflex caps for C15, C16, C32, C33 I could have? I’d happily pay a fair price for them + postage of course, if it’ll save me £16 P&P from the US.


100nF they’re fine, actually just look for the same voltage rating and about the same lead spacing to match the solder pads.
10pF they’re the same too.

i don’t have enough of the 220p styroflex, you can get them from farnell:

Hi rosch,

thanks for getting back to me. Good to know those ceramic caps will work OK. They have the styroflex caps in the UK Farnell store, too- excellent! Dunno why I didn’t find them before. I guess I was looking for the ones with two legs at the bottom, rather than the inline ones. Looking at the photo of the completed board, though, I can see they’re inline ones, too, now I know what to look for…

Thanks again,


This is not my business and I don’t want it to become mine, but it would be cool to pool some Reichelt orders. Reichelt has some really cool stuff - cheap styroflex caps, trimmers, and those lovely WIMA caps… but they won’t ship less than 150 euros abroad :frowning:

Hmm, good thought pichenettes. Bulk orders do rely on a certain critical mass of people in one place though. I’m not sure there are enough fellow Shruthi builders here in the UK for it to work. Also, I’m an impatient sort, so I’ve gone ahead and made my own order at Farnell. I get a slight reduction anyway, because I work in a university.


YO pichenettes…

regarding the reichelt orders… maybe we can make an arrangement :wink:

Just ordered stuff from Reichelt! Wima and Styroflex caps too

Pinchenettes if you need stuff maybe i cann order it for you!

Hi All,
it seems that 150 euros limit is finished for international reichelt order, i have ordered some parts last month and limitation was 10 Euros.

Good news :slight_smile: