IR3109 Board Soldering Order

currently im in a state where i do no soldering at all, only thinking, thats the reason why you hear no cries for help from me :slight_smile:

shall i recommend some projects then? :wink:


just throw them on the pile’o projects …

i’m not gonna post mine…

you need a fisheye or something to stitch the pics together…


Impressive pile you have there, fcd72!

Right, it’s now working

I think I might need to change my case order to an opaque one though- don’t want anyone to see my circuitboard now… :frowning:

I had to cut off the legs of the 7905, put big blobs of solder on the pads on the component side, and try and melt the solder on all three pads at the same time, and jam the regulator legs onto the melted solder blobs. It works, but it’s certainly not pretty (or reliable, probably).


Oh, yeah, and having trashed one of the pads at the top, I also had to poke a tiny section of resistor leg through and solder it to the bottom of the board to make the connection to the ground plane.


maybe verify in the eagle board files that there isn’t an additional connection

Additional connection?


i also tore off a pad at the vreg and soldered it on top. i looked in the brd file if there possibly had to be a connection on the bottom also. but there was just one (it was the SSM2044 board).
i just wanted to make sure i don’t have to do it once again.

Ah, OK.
Well, all the voltages checked out OK on the relevant pins of the IC sockets, so I guess everything is OK.
Just realised I forgot to order the 33n film caps C14 C30 C31… :frowning:


i have some. if you like i can send you some. you can drop me a pm/email (profile)

That’s very kind rosch. Don’t worry though, have just realised there is an RS Components Trade Counter here in London. I can order some from there and pick them up on Monday.


cool, you’re at the source!

OTish but thanks for the heads up, never thought of trade counters, theres an RS one about 15 minutes from me. That will prob be very useful to know.

Nice one.

Definitely worth knowing. RS have a pretty good range, I think, ParadigmX.
I hate paying £1.50 for components, and £15 delivery- especially when the parts are coming from a warehouse that’s probably only a few miles away…

Shame Farnell or Mouser don’t have any trade counters in the UK…

Are you in London?


Farnell have one in leeds - i use them mostly, or rapid (counter in essex). I googled out of interest.

Im near stockport.

The Source:


Single-sided board (no solder pads on the top), which should make desoldering easier. It’s pretty crowded on the bottom of the board though.


If you don’t care for the board just use a saw or a dremel to free the 3109s right to their legs… should make desoldering easier.

Can i have these Knobs??? :wink: