iPad oscilloscope

Is this any good? http://www.oscium.com/products/mixed-signal-oscilloscope-imso-104

Pricey and only 5Mhz tops. Okay for audio but not for computer diagnosis.

I believe soundbeam is free, don’t know how good it is though… :confused:

i have soundbeam but it looks a bit like a toy. it’s ok for rough audio stuff (like if you need something to aid you in sound design matters) but I don’t think it’s much good for precise work.

with this price you can nearly buy a 50MHz Rigol scope

I’d take a Rigol (since I know it has a decent analog frontend) any day over a pricey iToy oscilloscope. Ideally I’d take the measurement frontend from the Rigol and some decent software for the iPad since the touchscreen is convenient :wink: