iPad Midi Controller for Shruthi-1

I used a product called Midi Designer…there is a free lite version to try…it should load this file.
Full version Is under 19$ CDN…it’s very flexible as is…but I do look forward to some enhancements.

Dan the creator helped me though getting the NRPN working and the rest was easy.

Link to Shruthi-1 design I did is here …


Hope someone finds it useful…

Dan is working on some enhancements I asked for like naming “values” so the Oscillator Wave name shows when dialed.

Is the Modulation Matrix on one of the pages? If so, that’s superduper awesome!

Not yet…for now it’s 2 dials…but I know where your going…and I am thinking same…he has a xy tool that I’m sure I can do it visually…just need a little more time.
There is lots more and I’ve only scratched the surface…0 to 5 hours to this point.
I plan on a better interface to take advantage of his control tabs…and make everything a little bigger…and pushing for a few more enhancements :slight_smile:
Thanks for the encouragement qp!

I know whatcha mean. I spent a lot of hours on the ctrlr editor. Of course widy took it and made it a million x’s better. I built an editor in some ipad app, can’t remember which. It did not do NRPN’s at all (at least not that I could get to work). I bought Lemur in hopes to build a controller for at least the mod matrix with menu’s and the whole shebang. Some day.

Good luck, hope it works!

Looking for some help.
Can anyone tell me if the Shruthi sends NRPN data OUT?
I’m still working with this designer…and it’s working fine with the Preen, but the Shruthi will accept data from the designer in NRPN, but if I dial a knob on the Shruthi, the Designer does not respond,
It appears (from all my tests) that the Shruthi is sending cc data, not NRPN data.
Can anyone confirm?
Thanks for your time!

Shruthi-1 set to FULL mode sends NRPNs for knob moves. You see CC because NRPN is a special kind of CC (96, 97, 6 and 38).